Let Us Recycle Your Waste

FRS can process and recycle all food wastes

– packaged, bulk, frozen, sludges, waste veg oils and fats. We can even recycle the packaging. We can also supply containers – dolavs, eurobins, IBCs etc.

Let us recycle your waste – divert your waste from landfill, reduce your disposal costs and increase your business efficiency and environmental performance.

We offer our competitive, clean, tailored, reliable, and licensed services to food manufacturers, waste management companies, waste recyclers, food packers, distributors and storage companies – all those in the food industry, recycling all types of their different food wastes and rigid plastic containers, trays and drums etc. We are here to offer you options for the recycling of your different waste streams, whatever the volume and type and minimise your waste disposal costs and effects on the environment. Please use our contact page to let us know your requirements.

We at FRS specialise in high oil and fat content waste streams, lowering your waste disposal costs by our extraction of recyclable fats and oils which can then be used for green energy. Examples of high oil and fat wastes are oily sludges, oily foods, oily/fatty scrapings etc. Contact us today with your enquiry.

We are able to provide a licensed collection service – loads can be a mix of both plastic and food waste, saving on transport costs. We can recycle the containers the food waste is held in as well – the complete service.

We can accept waste delivered to our site for fast unloading and cleaning facilities if needed. We ask for 24 hrs notice of deliveries. Delivery times 8 am to 4.30 pm, Mon – Fri.

We can recycle 100% of waste. We supply AD (anaerobic digestion) plants with feedstock -food waste to renewable energy and plastic wastes are processed and recycled, then supplied for re-use.

Helping to continue to drive waste away from landfill and ensuring that the UK meets the EU Landfill Directive targets for diverting plastic waste from landfill by 2020. Making your waste a source of green energy.